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Who we are

In 2015, Filip Ekberg decided to start fekberg AB. A company set out to deliver high quality software, leading your projects and educating your engineers for excellence.

Filip Ekberg is a Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP, Pluralsight and Book Author.

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We can help you with

Find root causes of deadlocks, memory leaks and other fatal crashes

Introducing and Improving your continuous Delivery and Deployment

Building scalable and robust enterprise grade applications in .NET

Educating your engineers in best practices to acheive excellence

Cross-platform mobility with Xamarin

Taking your software to the cloud


  • 2005-2015

    A journey begins

    Filip starts the company SmartIT and sets out to deliver excellent software services for customers arond the globe.

  • August 2012

    A book is born

    The self-published book, C# Smorgasbord is released to the world.

  • May 2013

    First video courses released

    We were pleased to release the first course on Pluralsight, covering MSIL. Which was the start of something excellent. We have since released a handful of courses on topics such as OAuth, Asynchronous Programming and Python Programming.

  • September 2015

    fekberg AB is founded

    We deliver excellent software, world-class training and our customers truly enjoy working with us.

  • Our journey
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Our Amazing Team

Filip Ekberg

CEO, Principal Consultant

Sofie Alriksson



Lead Developer

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